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100% GMO-free botanical and vegan wax for cleaner burning. The Cotton wick braiding is specifically adapted to the format of the candle. For each fragrance, the number of cotton strands is chosen for optimal diffusion after 30 minutes of burning, ecological and sustainable production. Fragrances created by French master-perfumers, in solid wax for controlled and homogeneous burning, Intense and continuous fragrance, and diffusing without heat.

Anti-odor Collection:
Use of 100% botanical white wax (soy) integrating the patented molecule. Their efficiencies have been tested and proven by experts - perfumers and olfactory evaluators. A completely new range of 4 functional candles, in different scented bouquets from the range, in a transparent glass, with an elegant contour and contemporary label, in colors from the functional range. 180g

Aroma Collection:
Presented in an elegant frosted glass and a modern label for a contemporary look which will blend into every home. Its natural maple lid protects the candle between uses. Its decorated packaging makes this candle an ideal gift for yourself or someone else. 180g

Graphic Collection:
Candles are poured by hand into an elegant lacquered glass with a black interior and with a very thick glass base for an interplay of transparency. A candle made following artisanal methods adorned with a black and silver label. The scented home candle graphic range comes in a boxed set with a modern and graphic design enhanced with silver markings. 210g

Scented Collection:
Candles are poured by hand into an elegant lacquered glass with a lightly tinted interior and with a very thick glass base with an elegant forest themed wrap. Singe 100% cotton wick. 240g.

Premium Collection:
Approximately 80h of dissemination of a fine and delicate fragrance. A candle equipped with 3 wicks in pure cotton whose braiding is adapted to the large size of the glass and the perfume, allowing an intense and homogeneous dissemination from the first hour of diffusion up to the end of the candle. Candle equipped with a wick holder at the bottom of the glass, which allows the automatic extinction of the candle at end of combustion, to prevent the glass from getting too heat. The Parfum Berger, Premium candle is hand poured with craftsmanship into an elegant lacquered glass with a black interior with a very thick glass base for an interplay of transparency. Adorned with a black and silver label, it is topped with a glossy metal cover which preserves its fragrance and protects it from dust when not in use. The Premium candle is protected in a rigid black matte box with silver engraving, to emphasise the luxurious elegance and sobriety of this new range. Fragrances created by French master perfumers French, expertly measured to ensure a clean and homogeneous combustion. 680g
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Anti-odor Candle Pet Floral and Zesty
Anti-odor Candle Pet Floral and Zesty
Our Price: $25.00

A modern and joyful fragrance which opens with tangy and crisp notes. An elegant floral heart that blends into a musky base textured with vanilla. more info
Aroma Candle Dstress
Aroma Candle Dstress
Our Price: $30.00

A fresh and light, delicate fruity and spicy fragrance well known to soothe the body and mind. more info
Aroma Candle Focus
Aroma Candle Focus
Our Price: $30.00

Avoid spreading out and focus your attention with the Aroma Focus fragrance! This scented candle is full of unsuspected virtues. more info
Aroma Candle Happy
Aroma Candle Happy
Our Price: $30.00

A fresh and aquatic fragrance for a joyful and lively atmosphere. The flight is crisp and refreshing with apple and melon; the heart is luminous with its sunny facet and the delicately amber-infused bottom completes the olfactory composition. more info